from a previous life

from a previous life

Dragging in the AD field engineering posts:

Quick Xperf boot traces:

XPERF Boot Traces

Identifying accounts with Kerberos Pre-Auth disabled:

Identify Accounts with Kerberos Pre-Authentication Disabled (In the UI)

PowerShell for your browser:

PowerShell Web Access (very) Quick Start. [Yep, PowerShell in your web browser…]

Direct Access: Netmon trace of the Connection Process

The Direct Access connection process… according to Netmon.

Direct Access: Troubleshooting on Windows 7

Direct Access for Windows 7 Works! … and then it stops.

NCSI: Faking Internet Connection in your Lab

Fake Internet Connectivity for your Lab (Tricking NCSI)

Direct Access: ‘Real World’ installation on Windows 2012

‘Real World’ Direct Access installation using Windows Server 2012

Active Directory: Un-hosting & Re-hosting Directory Partitions

Un-Hosting & Re-Hosting Active Directory Partitions

Active Directory: Advanced replication troubleshooting

Granular Active Directory replication for advanced troubleshooting scenarios

Network Tracing without installing anything:

Capture a Network Trace without installing anything (& capture a network trace of a reboot)

Active Directory: Change Notification

Active Directory Replication: Change Notification & You

Active Directory: Spending Time with the Escalation Team in Las Colinas

Visit to Microsoft Technical Support (Las Colinas, Texas)

Active Directory: Kerberos Troubleshooting

Kerberos Troubleshooting


Branchcache slides from Premier Briefing Day in Canberra

Blue Screens: Beware the Verifier Settings in Prod

Blue Screen: Beware Verifier Settings on Production Machines

Quick 100 users for your lab:

Create a quick 100 users with PowerShell

Active Directory: Identify the ISTG’s:

Identify the ISTG’s

Active Directory: Dump the Database

Dumping the AD Database

Active Directory: Enhanced Auditing

Auditing Improvements

Active Directory: Testing DCLocator

Testing the DcLocator Process

Active Directory: Multiple RODC’s in a site?

Multiple Domain Controllers in a site with a RODC

Active Directory: Modify the Filtered Attribute Set

Adding attributes to the RODC Filtered Attribute Set

Active Directory: FFL and DFL – what you get

Forest Functional Levels – What you get

Domain Functional Levels – What you Get

Troubleshooting Dynamic Ports:

Portqry.exe to troubleshoot dynamic ports

Active Directory: Kerberos Delegation

Kerberos Delegation Lab

Active Directory: Preparing Network Connections

"Preparing Network Connections" – Domain Controller in a Lab