09 Jun 2015

Old posts from my Microsoft gigs

Old posts from Microsoft

A collection of the things i wrote while i was at Microsoft

Windows Kernel Team:

Connected Standby & You

Cheat Sheet: Break into a running Windows machine with a debugger

Fun with Breakpoints

Build a quick Windows Phone app for testing

What is Application Launch Prefetch?


Implementing Background Audio on Modern Windows Applications

Active Directory and Security Engineering

XPERF Boot Traces

Identifying accounts with Kerberos Preauthentication disabled

PowerShell in a Web Browser

Direct Access Connection Process

Troubleshooting Direct Access

Faking Internet Connectivity in a Lab - NCSI

Real World Direct Access installation

Un-Host / Re-Host directory partitions

Granular Active Directory Replication for Advanced Troubleshooting Scenarios

Network Trace without Netmon

Kerberos Troubleshooting

Blue Screen of Death from Verifyer setttings

Quickly create 100 AD Users

Identify the ISTG’s

Dumping the AD Database to csv

Testing the DCLocator Process

Multiple RODC’s in the same site

Adding attributes to the filtered attribute set

Kerberos Delegation Lab

Kerberos Notes

‘Preparing Network Connections’ in a Lab

Chad Duffey

Security Engineer