07 Sep 2020

Quick and Simple WiFi Testing with besside-ng

I’ve been using Bettercap for a while now, and i love it but i saw a post on the weekend that reminded me the value in going back to look at other tools.

It was this one about besside-ng.

If you had no concern about stealth, it’s as simple as:

  1. Make sure your wireless card is connected and available: sudo iwconfig should do it.
  2. Start a capture: sudo besside-ng wlan0 -vv

That’s it.

besside-ng will hop channels and attempt deauth attacks on everything it finds automatically.

It can even be configured to send the .cap files for cracking on a remote service as it captures them.

If you’d like to just pass the captures through a simple word-list on your testing machine you could use:

sudo aircrack-ng wpa.cap -w rockyou.txt

(The Alfa AWUS036H is one of the cards you can find relatively cheap that wont give you any trouble with wifi analysis tools).

Chad Duffey

Security Engineer