I'm currently working at Palantir where I lead one of the Infrastructure Security Engineering teams.

I spent many years working on Active Directory and Security at Microsoft before that, and became a Microsoft Certified Master (MCM/MCSM) for Directory Services (Active Directory) along the way. I later moved into the Windows Kernel Engineering team.

I also fought my way through the Offensive Security OSCE (& OSCP, OSWP and GXPN) and take every chance I can to do Offensive Security work. I work with the Synack Red team outside of work hours to scratch that itch.

This site is a small effort to contribute to the security community. Adding notes when something comes up that seems interesting and/or potentially useful to others.

If you are a charity or non-profit that could use some advice or assistance with information security please get in touch. I'd be genuinely happy to assist where I can. I love this stuff 😊