Security Topics, Penetration Testing, Routing & Switching, Active Directory, some Python, Web API things & hopefully some other Computer Science topics. Or… this might just end up another unmaintained project taking up space at a hosting provider.

About the Notes

Notes about things I am using for work. They are things I know I will need again. You should be a little careful with the notes if you are using them for something important. At most, they worked on my machine and I’ve probably run a spell check while typing them here, but that’s about it.

About Me

Security Lead @ Dropbox; previously Development Lead @ Dropbox; Windows Kernel PM, Active Directory Engineer & Data Security lead @ Microsoft. Dad to the best kid in the world.



I’m tweaking the collection of data relating to activities inside our corporate Slack team. I was particularly interested in volume, for example, if someone asked us to capture the metadata associated with every reaction to a Slack message with the party parrot, how much storage (and processing power) would I need to budget on the …


mail at chadduffey dot com is the easiest but the linkedin chat thing or twitter (linked at the bottom of the page) will do the trick as well.